AseptiChair Portable Dental Chair

Part #: ADC-01

The AseptiChair’s sturdy rolled steel construction is lightweight yet strong, making it perfect for portable dentistry. It is adjustable to five positions, with seat height ranging from 11 to 22 inches. The toe board folds down, allowing this portable dental chair to be used for examination. The included carrying case makes mobility and transportation simple. No assembly required.

AseptiStool Portable Dental Operator’s Stool

Part #: ADC-08

Suitable for doctors or assistants, the AseptiStool is necessary to any mobile dental operatory. Its one piece design sets up or stores in seconds, and it swivels on four casters for easy mobility during operations. It is height adjustable, light weight, and folds up for simple storage in the included padded travel case, making portable dentistry simpler.

Also available in RED colour

Weight One: One (1) stool in soft carrying case: 16.5 lbs.

Maximum Load Capacity: Approx. 300 lbs.

Portable Dental LED Light

Part #: ALU-40LED

Superior Illumination in Field Environments!

The Portable Dental LED Light is necessary to any mobile dental operatory, providing superior illumination in remote field environments. This portable dental lamp features an adjustable, high intensity LED light with seven beam diameters, protective lens cover, and amber filters for working with composites, and its long life, durable LED means that there are no bulbs to replace–ever!

Taskforce Deluxe Portable Dental Unit

Part #: ADU-12DCE

Economical, Lightweight, and Goes Almost Anywhere!

The Taskforce Deluxe Portable Dental Unit is fully self contained, making set up and operation easy. At 28 pounds, you can take it almost anywhere. When not needed, the Taskforce Deluxe and its components pack into a durable carrying case for transportation.

  • Powerful internal oilless air compressorprovides over 32 psi to handpieces and syringes
  • 3-way air/water syringe
  • Powerful saliva ejector suction
  • One liter water reservoir
  • 32 ounce waste container
  • Dual handpiece controlswith manual selection

Portable Tray Stand

Part #: ATC-03CF

The sturdy Portable Tray Stand provides extra storage in mobile dental operatories. With a removable, autoclavable stainless steel tray and a height adjustable tripod stand, this dental tray stand provides strength and portability. When it is no longer needed, it folds up into the included vinyl carrying case for simple transportation.

Tray and Molded Support:

Weight with carrying case: 2.85 lbs.

Tripod Stand: Weight with carrying case: 5.65 lbs.


Portable Dental Sterilizer / Autoclave

Part #: ASU-12-230

 The Portable Dental Sterilizer / Autoclave is compact, portable, lightweight, and easy to operate, making it excellent for mobile dental operatories. It takes only 6 minutes to reach sterilization temperature, with an 18 minute sterilization cycle (23 minutes total cycle time). The depressurization valve reduces cooling time for this portable dental autoclave, making it a cost effective, efficient way to keep your portable dental equipment clean.