• User friendly – DENTIST can use easliy.
  • Automatic power interception
  • High Frequency DC Tube for less patient exposure and image quality and no exposure to dentist or dental assistant.
  • Microcomputer with specialized circuitry for = more precise exposure.
  • Optimized X-Ray device with digital dental sensors
  • Exposure time is adjustable by 0.01 sec. for more control.
  • Reprogrammed buttons for fast anatomical selection of patient teethwith film or digital.
  • More than 300 times of consecutive use is available with high capacity rechargeable battery stable with P.C.M (Protection Circuit Module) application.
  • Since it is the only ultra slim x-ray device in the nation, even female dentist can easily handle without any inconvenience (H.V Unit Manufacturing Method is patented).
  • Optimized grip with non-slip silicon grip and handle.
  • Minimized covering since most parts including x-ray tube, high voltage generator, P.C.B and Cone (radiation field limit device) are shielding with lead.
  • Can be wall mounted with optional extension arm in a dental clinic.


X-Ray Generator DC High Frequency PROX
X-Ray Installation Tube Voltage 60kV
Tube Current 2mA
X-Ray Tube Anode Type Stationary
Anode Angle 20 ˚
Focal Spot Size 0.8mm
Heat Capacity 8.5Khu
Exposure Time Set 0.01~1.6sec(0.01 Step)  
Total Filtration 1.6mm Al  
SSD 100mm, 200mm(Long Cone)  
Total Weight 2.0kg  
Dimension 180(W) x 73(D) x 138(H)mm  
Power requirement Battery DC 24V
Battery Charger AC100-240V