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    • Removal of tea, Coffee,Pan, Gutkha.
    • Removal of stains and coloured coatings from the surface of the teeth, even in difficult-to-reach places, with absolutly no harm to the enamel.
    • Cleaning of the enamel after ultrasonic scaling to make the tooth surface smooth and comfortable and delay tartar reforming.
    • Grinding of composite fillings, particularly composite surplus in inter proximal spaces without any damage for the enamel.
    • Easy removal of surplus cement after final sealing of ceramic prosthetic bridges or crowns without risk to the surrounding soft tissues.
    • Elimination of temporary cement after removal of temporary protheses without risk of altering the definitive shape of the preparations.
    • In Orthodontics, elimination of adhesive cement remnants from the tooth surface after brackets removal, firstly by grinding with a tungsten carbide bur, then by using the STAINBUSTER.
    • In Periodontics, root planing after in-depth scaling and cleaning, encouraging healing and flap reattachment.
    • In Implantology, easy and stress-less elimination of the sealing cement surplus from the implant-carrying prosthetic components.